About Sonya

Nothing makes me happier than having my family and friends over for a gathering in my home! I love every minute of the ordeal – choosing a theme, putting together a meal plan, making napkin rings, and decorating the table. The most enjoyable part of it all is spending precious time with my guests when they arrive!

Do you love to host gatherings for your family and friends in your home?

Are you looking for ways to make your event special and one-of-a-kind?

Sonya ParkerMy goal has always been to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for my guests to be able to relax and have a wonderful time, enjoying delicious food and friendly camaraderie! In this hectic world we live in, nothing reflects our love for those special people around us more than creating a respite from the everyday routine of life.

An important part of helping them relax is for me to be present with them and to make them feel special. That’s why my philosophy has always been to attend to all the details before my guests arrive. They will enjoy themselves more if I am a “guest at my own party!”

As your friends and family walk into your home for a dinner party, you greet them with a warm welcome, the aroma of a wonderful meal filling the air. But once their gaze settles on the dinner table, they realize this is no ordinary dinner party! As their host, You have gone above and beyond to attain an amazing environment for the festivities!

I love to entertain in my home, and especially enjoy hosting dinner parties and special occasion events for family and friends. I want my guests to feel special, yet strive to portray a simple, relaxed atmosphere.

Whether simple dinner table decor or more elaborate wedding furnishings, the decorations are an important element in setting a festive and unique atmosphere. Materials you may have around the house or can purchase at a crafts store, and a little imagination, can go a long way in creating that special centerpiece or distinctive napkin ring that will make your event a memorable one for your quests. I hope you get some inspiration for your own party from some of the ideas I have included!




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