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Christmas Ideas Book Published

If you are looking for ways to dress up your house this Christmas look no farther than the Christmas Decoration and Entertaining Ideas book from Sonya Parker, an Ask a Friend Kindle Author.

Christmas Decoration and Entertaining IdeasThis book was inspired by my little sister, who is always asking me to come over and help her decorate for the holidays. Instead of doing it for her like I used to, I started just telling her ideas that she could use with her own stuff, and now her house sparkles at Christmas. See my Squidoo Lense.

This Christmas Decoration and Entertainment Ideas – Tips on Decorating your Home and Table for Christmas book is packed full of ideas for making this Christmas Holiday season special.
Get your creative juices going for the holidays with over 50 full color photos, and ideas for tablescapes, furniture decorations, packaging and other holiday festivities. The book includes:

  • Over 50 full color photos
  • Tablescape Ideas
  • Napkin Ring Ideas
  • Furniture Decoration Ideas
  • Gift Package Wrapping Ideas

Order your copy today! 

Sonya Parker Joins Ask a Friend Publishing Family

Ask a Friend Publishing, LLC a Kindle e-book publisher, announced that Sonya Parker would be joining the team, offering her take on entertaining at home.

“I love to have parties in my house, but also want to partake in the festivities. The books I write show you how to have the best of both worlds, with a little simple planning up front,” say Sonya, the soon to be published author.

“We expect to see a shift in the Kindle market for books as Amazon adds HD and larger screens, and the books offered by Sonya Parker are rich with pictures. As we all know, a picture is worth a 1000 words, and these idea books are a great way to stimulate your creative juices,” according to Owen Walcher, president of Ask a Friend Publishing.

The first book to be released will be napkin ring ideas, which are a great, yet simple way to dress up any table. This will be followed by a 12 month entertaining at home idea book. There should also be a Christmas Idea book out before Thanksgiving.